I love how everyone knows what this is and doesn't even question it

I'm Harry Potter harry Harry Potter, singing outer song all day long at HOGWAAARTS! I found the source of the ticking it's a pipe bomb.

Being a fangirl changed everything so much... books and reading. Harry Potter, DIvergent, Legend, TMR, the Hunger Games, Percy Jackson, OTPs

harry potter divergent hunger games percy Jackson and the last one i just everything lol what is my life

It's because when they cast him he was more round, and had buck teeth. But when he got older he lost weight and his teeth got straighter, which didn't fit the roll

Funny pictures about Poor Neville. Oh, and cool pics about Poor Neville. Also, Poor Neville.

Art WHY?!?!? *sniff* harry-potter-harry-harry-potter

Thank you for the face, David Tennant. That pretty much sums it up. Im so sad now.


Divergent, Hunger Games, The Maze Runner, Harry Potter, and these are just the books. Don't even get me started on tv shows.


I understood that reference.<<I understood THAT reference<<Dam people, what the schist are you talking about?<< Idk, it's not my division.

I'm pretty sure what they mean by a million pounds is the money currency.

For a second, my American self thought of pounds not as currency, but as weight and I was so confused