Ticci toby

This is actually just WIP and part of a bigger (group) picture I'm working on for David Near. Ticci Toby - WIP for David Near

Under the skin EJ vs LJ by Aryoshka on DeviantArt

I thought Laughing Jack had like black-goop covered candy or something inside him, not bugs

#wattpad #de-todo Si...otro libro ^-^

Imágenes Creepypastas 2 - Jeff vs.Liu

Jeff before and after

Jeff the Killer: people do this stuff because they want to give you all the emotions

Eyeless Jack & Jeff The Killer

from the story Imágenes kulz de creepypastas© by -InsxneTriforce- (♡Drowned♡) with reads.

you_are_in_my_game_now_by_kawacy-d7jz7y6.jpg (1000×2978)

you_are_in_my_game_now_by_kawacy-d7jz7y6.jpg (1000×2978)

Jeff the killer, Candy pop, Ben Drowned, Jason the Toy Maker, Nathan the Nobody, The Puppeteer, Eyeless Jack

Jeff the Killer, Candy Pop, Ben Drowned, Jason the Toy Maker, Nathan the Nobody…