Michael Todd III Cello

Michael Todd III Cello

Designed using the requests and preferences of our customers, our new Soloist III cello possesses a tremendous tone that is even across all strings, open and rich, with a clarity seldom found in cello

Maestro #cello - perfect for the advancing cellist!

Maestro Cello

One of the most popular cellos available today for the adult amateur and advanced cello student, the Maestro cello features some of the most beautiful figured woods and a rich oil varnish that is tast

Best instrument in the WORLDDD!

Artist Cello

Now one of the most popular cellos in the nation, StringWorks cellos were developed with the expertise of professional cellists (the owner of the company was a cellist with Los Angeles Opera for 17 ye

Green Stained Cello with Black Case. Not sure about this I love the colour but on a cello? Extremely torn

Green Stained Cello with Black Case. It looks like a green apple!

Virtuoso Violin! Looks nice.

Virtuoso Violin

"This week I took delivery of a Virtuoso Violin, a Hoffman bow and the deluxe oblong case. Visually I was impressed. The fittings are beautiful. I played it and knew it was way ahead of the rental equ

Kallo Bartok Cello

Kallo Bartok Cello - European Excellence

Solid, hand carved European woods of the highest quality and expertly applied spirit varnish antiqued to replicate aged master instruments, the Kallo Bartok cello is made in our Hungarian workshop by