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Credit: actnowspeaklater  Thats where I stop and wait a little while before I read the last page because I never want the book to end!

Bookfession When I get to the last page of a really good book, my heart sinks a little.

nerdy  http://media-cache1.pinterest.com/upload/281897257895738066_wZZvjpxO_f.jpg cmcdeac books worth reading

it doesn't even have to be a giant bookstore.i feel like a five year old on Christmas morning in any bookstore!

Lisztomania I might have that I don't like no having music with me at all times during school I get agitated because I have no music

"lisztomania: a need to listen to music all the time."<<<<there's even a song called lisztomania by phoenix!

dear new book, I know I'll probably finish you in less than a day, but I can't tell you how thankful I am for our little infinity.

I hate reading online...

Nerd Girl Problem I have a Kindle but rarely use because I love to turn real pages and feel the weight of 500 pages in my hands. The Kindle has its place, but real books will always occupy my heart.