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Adrian starred at Alex.  "What are you doing?" he asked and Alex smiled at him.  "Planing my death"

"kid, quit being spiderman and get off the rail." they remained there. "fine, but I expect you to come save me if the city is suddenly under attack.

pinterest, IG, YT & snap: @happyandveg ♡ ☆ ✌︎︎

pinterest, IG, YT & snap: @happyandveg ♡ ☆ ✌︎︎

I just want to be pure.

" "I want my wine, Marls." "The wine." One summer night when Marlene stayed at the Potters with Sirius.

dance till you drop

Well be runnin down the street yelling kiss my a** I'm like yea whatever were still livin like that when the sun comes up well be raisin our cups sayin here's to never growing up