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Kate Kato. Honey bees in their hive, made from recycled book pages, map and matchbox labels. www.kasasagidesign.com

Honey bees in their hive, made from recycled book pages, map and matchbox labels. Made by artist Kate Kato.

Literal and figurative. Both can take you there.

Oh heaven! Two of my favorite things - tiny books and a suitcase! Suitcase full of tiny tiny books by Adriana.

I am an artist in the UK and a little bit obsessed with insects! So a few years ago I tried to recreate my favourite specimens using recycled paper, wire and thread. I now have a collection of around 100 different species and am still adding to it!  The insects are all hand cut using a scalpel and some of them are embroidered by hand to create their patterns and textures.

I Create Bugs, Butterflies, And Insects Using Recycled Paper, Wire And Thread

Tiny Bee Hive in a Matchbox - paper sculpture by Kasasagi on Etsy https://www.etsy.com/listing/242591731/tiny-bee-hive-in-a-matchbox-paper

sosuperawesome: “ Small Sculptures / Book Frame Sculptures / Sculptures in Tins / Sculptures in Bell Jars / Sale By Kate Kato on Etsy ”

FOR SALE - Miniature Koi and Turtle Altoids Pond by Bon-AppetEats on DeviantArt

Miniature Koi and Turtle Altoids Pond. Fimo fish and turtle, resin water, moss plants, etc.

casitas  casitas

Illustrator Mar Cerdà creates small, charming dioramas out of cut paper. When viewed just right, the scenes appear life-sized and reminiscent film stills.

"Knowledge to me is like honey to a bee. You have to chase it through the pages in a book."

I thought this was so cute and minimalist! I love love love the hexagon cut outs, I might try something similar to this in my altered book just to give some texture!