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Tattoo pain guide.

Tattoo pain rating chart from Inked Magazine. who exactly made this up cause according to this my "five star" tattoos should have had me "passed out or crying" where i was laughing and watching movies

Whether it’s a #diamond stud, dangly multi-piece, or a hoop #earring, the lobe is the most conservative #piercing for women.:

Whether it’s a #diamond stud, dangly multi-piece, or a hoop #earring, the lobe is the most conservative #piercing for women.:

Magical symbols of the Elves*** I like wishfulfilled Wonder if these are forreal

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First tattoo was on top of my right hand. Almost an hour and I sang the whole time. If that's the most painful, then I'm not worried.

possible anchor designs for future tattoo

Different anchors. I am jumping on the anchor bandwagon. I do like the idea of a subtle anchor. Kind of "anchor of my soul" idea.

Карта боли

Thanks to Lippo Tattoo for this tattoo pain zone maps! Interesting the pain tolerance area differences between men & women.just as I suspected men can't handle pain as well as women

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Tattoo Pain Chart

Tattoo Pain Chart

Before you ask which way to go remember where you've been

'Before you ask which way to, go remember where you've been' compass tat. I like this idea for a tattoo!

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Discover thousands of images about Chinese calligraphy displays a true reflection of the inborn aesthetics that the…


If you're worried about the pain, you have no business considering ink. Tattoo Pain Meter--Kinda funny I got my first one on my spine and it wasn't even that bad!

I have just released my second instalment of my Count Stars not Sheep homeware collection with The Club of Odd Volumes. Building on my earlier Asterisk and Count Stars not Sheep designs, one of my favourite concepts of the new instalment is my Star Sign C