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I correct people on this all the time. It's not "ice cream" it's "'cause we're terrified" Get it right people. >>>>no I no joke legitimately said "for ice cream" and when he said "cause we're all terrified" I said "oh" 😂😂


I wish I had “emo” friends, because none of my friends listen to the emo trinity so I have no one to just burst out talking to about stuff like this😢😢😢

i have smacked my head on too many things while trying to sing this<<< I hate how true this is. I relate.

Accurate representation of me singing Teenagers by MCR. I still need to find a clean edit of this song tho. >>> well no wonder teenagers scare the living shit out of him

This was literally me for ptv sws bvb fir atl aa miw and fob and patd and the rest of the trinity

I'd be in Patrick's class all day. Can he actually teach every class? Him and the rest of FOB? That'd be perfect

Wow imagine Jack and Alex teaching gym.<<<imagine those random school assembles with guest speakers are now guest performances of other bands

I would be one of them!!! I hate stereotypes, so I won't call anyone "emo", but I would be one of them!!!!

That's funny cause if they started playing like, Carry On My Wayward Son at Comic Con almost everyone would start crying.

I'm crying

27 Pictures That Only Former Emo Kids Will Find Funny----the last one is not funny

I am of the rare percentage of the fandom who actually knows the lyrics and I take the time to guide others in the art of singing the right words

<< when the ohh-ohh-ooh part in bang the doldrums is really patrick singing "your wrong, you're all wrong" which is pretty ironic if you ask me

This is so true.

: Our emo "crappy" "scary " music Saves lives and teaches us to be kind and loving: their music teaches them to be judgments of other people and how to have " swag" news flash "swag" won't get you through life<<so true

Hold up The P!ATD bandom is pretty chill about lyrics  The MCR fandom..,well..., let's just say we're not okay The TøP bandom is the one to look out fir

ATD bandom is pretty chill about lyrics The MCR fandom., let's just say we're not okay The TøP bandom is the one to look out fir