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Oed satire essays A satirical utterance; a speech or saying which ridicules and criticizes a person, thing, or quality. Also as a mass noun: satirical speech.

Condescending con descending

A snobbish criminal going down the stairs = A condescending con descending!

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when u tryna be cheesy but everyone around u is laughtose intolerant -this is hilarious 😂😂😂😂😂

Beethoven being deaf jokes are probably my favorite thing.

Beethoven being deaf jokes are probably my favorite thing.Probably shouldn't laugh.

From Buzzfeed 21 times tumblr proved english is the worst language ever

i hate the fact i can read this without breaking<< I'm so glad English is my native language

Welcome to tumblr. We're not crazy I swear..... just a little bit

I kind of want to say it's a valid question, but then I read the answer and I have to shrug and say, "point.

Thank you Alexandria Wallace for being a prime example of why everyone hates Americans. Or white people.

Well Do They

The "Ching chong language? The CHING CHONG language? What is a "Ching chong" language?