Summary of the Most Common Pants Alterations

common alterations for pants fitting. I'll probably need this, since sewing pants is my weakness. I just love sewing pants.

swayback adjustment from collette patterns

deciding your own fate in choosing well fitting garments clover sewing adjustments from colette

An easy Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) for no-dart fronts..

An easy Full Bust Adjustment (FBA) for no-dart fronts. [Intriguing technique swivelling the front piece back and forth and redrawing the side seam.

Flat bottom Adjustment - step 1

Step 1 Use basic back leg pattern piece. This original pattern should measure up to your waist and hip measurement. Redraw this piece to work on as it is important to retain the original pattern pi…


Maybe you still remember the muslin shirt for my husband, it has been sitting beside my sewing machine the whole time begging me to do something about it.