reserving the right to make a wish. and for an instant believing that it might actually come true.

In the afternoon, while I’m having my snack, I’ll make myself a cup of dandelion and roasted chicory root tea. Sometimes I’ll go all out and steep a bit of vanilla bean in with the dandy blend. And sometimes, I’ll add a dash of almond milk.

This reminds me of rhythm because the doves repeat and as they repeat and go down the line they move positions a little and it catches my eye and makes me follow the artwork.

Their is a great rhythm in this image of the birds and of the lines. The birds moving down the line draws your eyes though the image

Patterns in the wild / See and Savour

Travelogue: Cruising the Mexican Riviera with Princess Cruise

See and Savour

Benoit P.

Visions by Benoit Paillé “ VISIONS: when my eye/mind focus on somethings and take time to comtemplate, and all other disturbing things disapaire, this is what I try to show you with this serie, more.


MINIMALIST URBAN PHOTOGRAPHY - Invisible is amazing photo series of minimalist urban photography by Vittorio Ciccarelli. It is minimal urban photos with details removed. Ciccarelliis graphic designer/photographer living and working in Naples.

Oiseaux sur fond jaune - birds on yellow

This one is extremely simple but very interesting! I have a very love/hate relationship with this design because I have no idea what the point is.

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day: From when you wake up to on your commute home. | HBR

How to Practice Mindfulness Throughout Your Work Day

"Minimal Pure" is a series of beautifully simple photographic compositions by Turkish digital artist Feridun Akgüngör. More photography inspiration via Inspiraion Now