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His father WILL hear about this.

he is such a twitchy little ferret.oh how i love harry potter humor!<< all white ferrets are Draco, basically

Harry Potter LORD OF SASS

I love this: HARRY POTTER LORD OF SASS Oh, this is too good. They should have put this in the movie! But actually, I think Harry and Percy are going to have to share the lord of sass throne and crown.

When he moves forward & becomes part of his own story... tearing up.

The other hero of Harry Potter. When he moves forward and becomes part of his own story instead of the story of his past, his strength surges." TEAM NEVILLE FOR LIFE! (Sorry for the language)

I love this part

Funny pictures about Professor McGonagall being awesome. Oh, and cool pics about Professor McGonagall being awesome. Also, Professor McGonagall being awesome.

My very soul is being torn apart. Why do I torture myself this why?

not even in her worst nightmares did Molly imagine that Fred and George would be separated.>>>of you were wondering that was the sound of my heart breaking

I'm a Pureblood Ü

I'm a Pureblood. (And proud of it!) My mom's a Squib. My dad's a Squib. My little sisters a Muggle-Born. My older brother is a Dursley. Most of my friends are Dursley. That is why i am such a Deatheater when i talk to them. I am weird.

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The Dursley’s were horrible people anyways, but I could explain some things, because Petunia still loved her sister.