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sarcastic quotes Don’t worry about hurting my feelings because I guarantee you not one bit of my self esteem is tied up in your acceptance.

Bullies think they are intimidating and proud of their actions thinking it hurts you when in reality it is only a reflection of who they are

YEAH! For all the girls coming up nowadays!

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Self respect. Patiently waiting to share all of me with the one that deserves me, instead of sharing pieces of me with guys that don't matter or mean anything to me.

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BFF ♥ I like you because you join in on my weirdness =) - Don't you have weird friends? Sometimes Cajah joins in or some of the guild ladies when they let their hair down. I guess I'm the ring leader and the weirdest of the group.

There is nothing like true love, it is acceptance, caring, and being for someone forever, here are some inspiring love quotes for Boyfriends

my best friends bring wine and automatically poor a glass ;) can't wait to be home and not pregnant again to do that haha