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I know! I will write this for later when i forget.... Ummmm phineas and ferb: across the 2nd dimension, doogal, meet the robinsons, tanged, and i know theres one more agh!

Teenager Post - Someone: "What's your favorite movie?" Me: *forgets every movie I've ever seen.


Teenager Post 1 - 100 - Teenagerpost Wiki < then you mess up the order because you over thought it.


My life in a post and then my friends get all annoyed and they're all like learn the rest of the song dumbass.

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Technically I don’t read books cause I hate reading. The only book I read is the Bible and it’s the only time I love to read.

This is me!

OMG THIS IS SO TRUE I literally JUST tried explaining something to my mom and she walked off like I wasn't even there like wtf


You comparing the cheapest burger to the not cheapest salad. Which when reversed is like comparing a big mac to a dollar salad (yes they exist, go to mcdonalds)

Oh yes xD

This happens to me so much like my friends will say stuff or I will watch a tv show and start saying there catch phrases and words they say and I will say the same thing

I do this!

Relatable Post what happens if its a kpop song though and you can't remember the the english words.

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I totally did that as a kid on long car rides! Tho I still do😂

Although saying that might  make it worse, but I gotta admit congrats to someone who would say that! Lol

Teenager Posts Hahahahaha that would be so funny. Not to the cop tho.

Always happens

texting humor - I hate when I forget to press send, I'm sitting there like an idiot waiting for a reply.

Every time :)

Whenever we are in class and the teacher walks out of the room, it instantaneously becomes complete and utter chaos. The teacher walks back in and someone is like," everyone act like nothing just happened" only to have everyone look completely unnatural

I saw kids lining up for a fire drill,and I'm like no one is Going to quietly line up in a real fire!


that's exactly what i think everytime we have a fire drill. People we cant form a line for a freaking fire drill want us to die