Africa | Ntombifuthi Magwaza, Telephone wire basket. South Africa.

Africa | Ntombifuthi Magwaza, Telephone wire basket. South Africa.

For centuries, South Africa's Zulu have been known for their long-lived, beautiful baskets woven from grasses and palm leaf. Some baskets were woven extremely tightly and were even used to store beer. Urban recycled telephone-wire weaving evolved from these traditional hand woven beer pots.

Telephone wire—used by modern artists and as a replacement for traditional materials.

Zulu basket

Zulu weavers use colorful coated wire to create these stunning African baskets in a myriad of palettes and mesmerizing designs.

Zulu basket - probably a large grain storage basket.

African Zulu basket from South Africa. The hand woven baskets provide a trade for women in small villages while still being able to keep up with house work and caring for children.

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African Zulu Telephone Wire Basket

Zulu telephone wire basket - Not a natural material but exceptional recycling.