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I'm a Leo, No!! I haven't watched that anime! time to add it to my anime list

I'm cancer and i dont mind being stuck it ouran high school host club but I'd rather be in Fairy Tail or Tokyo Ghoul and then I just wanted to know what sister was trapped in and it was attack on titan and shes going to die since she never seen it

So...I'm going to Disboard! (No Game No Life)

I would love to be in Tokyo ghoul. But I'm in fairy tail. Fairy tail is still my top 5 hehehe<<<< I'm One Piece but I don't even watch One Piece! Well, guess I will have to watch it >_< <<<<I'm in Tokyo ghoul.

why does this make me laugh so hard...XD

why does this make me laugh so hard.XD but I do NOT ship it (Zuko and Mai forever!

Iss chhoti se baby ny bhe dukh mehsos karliya,, iss masom sy kisi k aansu bardashat nhi howay.

A lot of amazing people with amazing stories made this show possible thank you

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Avatar Fun Facts That makes Tales of Ba Sing Se even sadder. I love that they named Mako from LOK after the voice actor for Iroh from ATLA.