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haha just too funny

Fullmetal Alchemist - EdxWin by fennethianell [Oh my gosh, Ed! XD lol] this is what anime looks like when my parents come in

Hay pervertidos en todos lados, así que andad con ojo, mis queridos ukes ewe FMA y SNK xD

Attack on Titan (SNK) + Fullmetal Alchemist (FMA) Crossover ~ Edward, Eren, Roy, and Levi


Milkin' it by SorbetBerry on DeviantArt HAHAHAAHAH Winry you evil genius, she has accomplished the impossible, to make Ed drink Milk xDD

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FMA: brotherhood episode 2 edit by ( Schoenfeld Schoenfeld?) My all time favorite scene. I giggle like a maniac every time I watch/read it.

"But please, don’t kiss me with these angry eyebrows in the future, ok ?


fma - partners shield by ~na-na-o on deviantART full metal alchemist riza hawkeye Roy mustang