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1920s party dress.

fashion original party dress This one is even more expensive, ringing in at a terrifying despite the fact it has a few stains and size of age. However, this supreme example of the fashion dropped waist deserves to be showcased, if not necessarily bought.

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All That Jazz: Fabulous Fashion Inspiration from the Roaring Twenties -

Henry a la Pensée 1924  Les Costumes de Sport, Golf,  Woodruff Porter by Porter Woodruff | Hprints.com

Henry a la Pensée 1924 Les Costumes de Sport, Golf, Woodruff Porter

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1920s Plus Size Fashion in the Jazz Age

fashions from the 20's | 1928 was the height of 1920s fashion. Skirts were at their shortest ...

vintage fashion style dress day dinner cocktail sportswear black satin silk chiffon pink white cotton plaid blue trim hat cloche purse clutch shoes color illustration print ad Knee-grazing summer fashions from

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In the skirts were considered sporty. Skirts were worn during the day and were not formal enough for evening wear. They were also worn for running errands.

Norma Shearer

EDITH Norma SHEARER (August 1902 – June was a Canadian actress. Shearer was one of the most popular actresses in North America from the through the

Teenage Girls Fashion in the 1920s

Teenage Girls Fashion in the 1920s

ONE FIERCE BOWLING TEAM! Five unidentified women, members of the Chicago Daily News bowling team, standing in front of a dark backdrop in a room.