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incheon fansign ] ©vtac - i lOve when tae expose his forehead its the most beautiful thing on earth i hope yall are taking good care of yourself!


KIM TAEHYUNG - His face is so symmetrical and stunningly beautiful, it looks like it could be a statue or ancient carving.

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Kim Tae Hyung | V | Taehyung

Kim Tae Hyung | V | Taehyung

Kim Taehyung - V profile pic / 2016.10.14

: 161014 Taehyung - On the way to KBS (Music Bank's recording) — cr: bymyside_kookv

✔✔ My Darling. ✔✔ ☾ TaeTae.

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Bangtansoyoenda V  Kim Taehuyng Alien BTS  [ A.R.M.Y] ⭐️

god, V is a symmetrical mf'er. I'm tempted to buy age-progression software just for kpop idols.

Bangtansoyoenda 태태 Kim Taehuyng Alien BTS  [ A.R.M.Y] ⭐️

I love TaeTae. He just seems like he loves interacting with fans by being extra and amuses himself that way.