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I love rock salt lamps. Fill your space with negative ions. We get them naturally in nature when we are at the beach or in a thunder storm. They are wonderful to bring up our frequency!!

Rock Salt Lamp- Releases negative ions that combat the positive ions in our environment that are caused by pollution, dust, electronic devices, etc. LOVE my salt lamp and have it on daily.

月の形をした照明「Luna」がオシャレすぎて世界中から投資したい人が殺到 | netgeek

You can now have your own moon in your home, with the 'Luna lamp' by ACORN Studio. The Luna lamp is inspired by the moon, and is.


Luna Moon – Éclairez votre intérieur avec la douce lumière de la Lune

Luna Moon is a series of beautiful lamps shaped as the Moon, that will enlighten your home with a soft and delicate light. A beautiful object created by four