Commission: BloodAngelsCaptain1 (3) by on @DeviantArt

Commission for of his Manticore Grimm. I had to reference the Lunastra and Teostra from Monster Hunter to get this thing's anatomy right.

LUNAverse Fanon - Grimm Rhino by on @DeviantArt

I came up with this idea yesterday while doing homework. They basically are the desert and savannas version of.

Image - Grimm deer.jpg - RWBY Fanon Wiki - Wikia

Image - Grimm deer.jpg - RWBY Fanon Wiki - Wikia

RWBY Grimms

______________________ Commissions available over here: [LINK] Commission: KnighteyNight

Rwby Grimm

Cody: cracks knuckles* Tch. Let's see what you've got.

a fan based Grimm for everyone's up and coming favorite web series RWBY. This Grimm is designated Ghoul.


Apparently,one huge motherfucker Ruby Rose,Weiss Schnee,Blake Belladona,Yang Xiao Long by RWBY X OC Manticore Grimm

Grimm Zilla by GHOST922114 on DeviantArt

Here comes Grimm Zilla. Yeah I know many people dislike Zilla but I personally like him, mainly the IDW comic version so I based this drawing off of it.

Commission: BloodAngelsCaptain1 by Lightning-in-my-Hand

Commission for of his Chimera Grimm. There's a tiny little King Taijitu on the lion's butt. And before you start making references, no, I do not re.