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This 1979 dad rocking a timeless t-shirt.

My dad and sister some t shirts are timeless - funny, sister, shirts, timeless.

21 Things That& Make Any Catholic School Student Laugh And Then Genuflect

6 new contenders for the single most entertaining note ever written by a roommate.

Isn't that implied on all roommates' doors? (via)Whether you're in your post-college years or your mid-forties and sleeping in your old room at your parents' house, the roommate situation is a hotbed of hostility and spoiled food-borne.

Bill Murray's a badass and all, but I'm really just pinning this so I can make a "polite as fuck" tee.

Bill Murray is the real "Most Interesting Man In The World." Bill Fucking Murray ladies and gentleman.

Optical ilusion

When choosing a bike consider the seat color. Is that bike from "Dicks Sporting Goods?

Arguing with the best of them! www.TheFunnyBeaver.com - Brand new. Adding more daily. :)

Dr Sheldon Cooper - Big Bang Theory, Dr Gregory House - House, Capt Jack Sparrow - Pirates of the Carribean, Sherlock Homes - Sherlock, Tony Stark - Iron Man Just get rid of gregory and throw in the doctor. This will be fun

On The Way Back From The Club And Your Jam Comes On

On The Way Back From The Club And Your Jam Comes On

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Murray Christmas

Funny pictures about Murray Christmas. Oh, and cool pics about Murray Christmas. Also, Murray Christmas.

I really wish the ASPCA would use the money for the animals instead of all the commercials and free shit they send out.

This is so true. Makes me feel sad that I seriously have to change the channel. Can't watch, it is the worst commercial ever!

As a jimmy johns employee, I find this way too hilarious!

Funny pictures about BLT with cheese. Oh, and cool pics about BLT with cheese. Also, BLT with cheese.

Dang! Feeling the love there, hubby?

Best classified ad ever…

Funny pictures about Best classified ad ever. Oh, and cool pics about Best classified ad ever. Also, Best classified ad ever.

hahaha jellyphishable

Mafia baby wants her brought to him alive so that he could retrieve that little nose of his.

Holy Crap these women are crazy. I'm decently sure my ex cheated on me with my (former) best friend, but I didn't spray paint his E36 for it...

Cheating on Women is Dangerous

Cheating- "Hell hath no fury than a woman scorned." you know this girl would do this.

dad level1000

Dadding lvl100

So funny :D I could think of a couple people who would do something like this. also that baby is adorbs!

This is a bit disrespectful to Yoda; however, hilarious it is.

The Best Idea For A New Star Wars Movie We've Heard In Ages

Meme of girl gremlin, yoda on bottom saying young I was, needed the money I did