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Christmas feels weird this year…

Christmas feels weird this year…


I want this to happen now, but only if it's David Tennant, Benedict Cumberbatch, Misha Collins, or Matt Smith. <-- Um Tom Hiddleston or David Tennant or Skander Keynes

Why do they even make medical shows without Hugh Laurie in them?

Embrace Your Inner Fantasy…

No, wait that's Satan. I always got them confused. I love House

One-eyed Cat

One-eyed Cat

Funny pictures about One-eyed Cat. Oh, and cool pics about One-eyed Cat. Also, One-eyed Cat photos.

*acts out fake arguments in the shower just in case someone wants to start shit in the future*


I about spewed my apple juice all over my laptop at " TAKE THE PRNDL". Like, I suddenly became Captain 'Murica with the "I understood that reference". So yeah. It's don't judge my crazy description. Or my apple juice.

One day, my highschool chem teacher asked for volunteers to be set on fire. I was the only volunteer. He then slathered my arm with hand sanitizer, and touched my finger with a match. My whole arm felt warm, but you couldn't see anything. He then turned off the lights, and I was clearly on fire. No burns, just awesome fire.

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Gregory House: Her oxygen saturation is her heart. Eric Foreman: Oxygen saturation is normal. If her DNA would be different, she would be a dolphin 😂

And when they questioned his wardrobe choices. - best of tumblr history

26 Times History Was Perfectly Summed Up By Tumblr

dylan and cole sprouse Ғσℓℓσω ғσя мσяɛ ɢяɛαт ριиƨ>>>> Ғσℓℓσω: нттρ://ωωω.ριитɛяɛƨт.cσм/мαяιαннαммσи∂/

GUYS It's because dylan and cole are actually zack and Cody.- its bad how much cole actually looks like a founding father

this is one of those things that shouldn't be that funny yet it so, so is

Unexpected guest at the window…