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33 Beautiful But Scary Abandoned Places In The World - UltraLinx

33 Beautiful But Scary Abandoned Places In The World

Farmhouse - Seneca Lake, New York

25 Breathtaking And Incredible Photos of Abandoned Places

This abandoned farmhouse in New York state also acts as a graveyard for many vintage cars which are now empty shells of their former selves. Farmhouse - Seneca Lake, New York


Bannerman Castle’s owner, Francis Bannerman VI, built the structure as storage space after buying the American military surplus from the war with the Spanish. After of ammunition exploded in much of the castle was destroyed and the rest abandoned.

Cool-Zone-abandoned-Six-Flags-New-Orleans - Write a scene involving  an abandoned place. What happened? Why? Who uses it now? Are your characters drawn to that place or do they avoid it?

And Then They Were Gone…

Six Flags Jazzland, New Orleans, Louisiana. Six Flags Jazzland has been abandoned since it was badly damaged by Hurricane Katrina. There are plans to develop the park, but for now it remains creepy.

El Hotel del Salto en Colombia

30 lugares abandonados que querrás visitar antes de morir.

I don't have an interest in going to Columbia but, this is beautiful. Deserted Places: The Haunted Hotel del Salto at Tequendama Falls near Bogota, Columbia.

“Pripyat, ghost city abandoned after chernobyl catastrophe, has grown to a forest. nature takes over and invades and collapses human creations the views remind some apocalipthic films like I am a Legend; Views from highst building in town, a former Hotel“.

Chernobyl, Kara Sea, life…

Pripyat, Ukraine, a city of nearly was totally abandoned after the nearby Chernobyl nuclear disaster in Due to radiation, it has been left untouched ever since the incident. Nature now rules the city in what resembles an apocalyptic movie.