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"There is no Al Qaeda"
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A.Pike's, founder KKK and Freemason, letter to Mazzini, founder MAFIA and Freemason. Pike was said to be involved in the assassination of A.Lincoln. Just like the concealment of Cambrian fossils for 70 years by Smithsonian Institute, if these buildings are in Masonic hands, they can also get rid of some letters. http://www.harunyahya.com/en/Articles/15463/the-concealment-of-cambrian-fossils
Very scary.
A lot of people don't believe the govt. would ever lie to them. News flash....THEY DO! They do it all the time! !!! Wake up!
Video – How the #Media Conditions, Controls, and Programs Society - see here: http://asheepnomore.net/2015/03/09/video-media-conditions-controls-programs-society/