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Pilgrim forums and communities offer insights to those preparing for the Camino de Santiago.

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Camino Tip No. Don’t fret about accommodations My friend has traveled the Camino annually for over a decade and says he has never gone without a place to sleep, if only in the attic of a business. "The Camino provides.

There are many "Caminos" or routes to Santiago; choose which will be yours.

There are many "Caminos" or routes to Santiago;

Hiking the Camino: 500 Miles With Jesus

You might reasonably wonder why anyone would shoulder a heavy backpack, grab a walking stick and hike across Spain. Whatever happened to planes, trains and automobiles? But Father Dave Pivonka knew th

Camino Tip No. 10: Buy travel insurance | Women of the Way Read this excellent article

A few dollars a day on travel insurance can ensure peace of mind while on the Camino de Santiago.