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Dribbble - Some line icons by JAoreo

Some line icons

Dribbble - Some line icons by JAoreo

Woolworths Icons

Woolworths Icons

Been working on a never-ending library of icons for Woolworths Australia's Rewards program. Full library online soon!

Icons and Logos by Tim Boelaars

Tim Boelaars is an Amsterdam-based graphic designer & illustrator. He specializes in the design of logos and icons due to his exceptional sense of iconic interpretation,.



Dribbble party with Huynh and Mendez. We're kicking Monday off right by making some cool stuff. Check out their shots, hands down super legit!

With so many instances of strong movement and visually striking colors, it might be easy to overlook some of the more "uninspired-looking" app icons- such as the ringed planet. the subject of your app should contrast or at the very least be distinct-enough to be easily read from a distance.

I really like the top half of the designs (though they're perhaps a little too detailed), but not so much the bottom half. I seem to have a thing for vivid autumn colors.

Dribbble - Icon Design is the Future by Justas Galaburda

Icon Design is the Future

Icon Design is the Future. In tomorrows newsletter I'll give you 4 reasons why icon design has become so important in the present, and how it will influence the future.

Some iconography for our enrollment technology. Bigger dude attached.

Enrollment Icons

Enrollment Icons by Josh Warren - Dribbble

Dribbble by Kevin Kalle

Dribbble by Kevin Kalle for Awkward