David Zinn

Las Aventuras De Este Adorable Personaje De Tiza Te Alegrarán El Día

Do you remember Sluggo, a bright green inhabitant of Ann Arbor, Michigan, we wrote about almost two years ago? Chalk-drawn by a local artist David Zinn, this

David Zinn (July 2014)

Among their many skills, flying pigs are good at offering directions to bewildered reptiles. Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park, Michigan (July - street art by David Zinn

David Zinn

sluggoonthestreet: “Due to a minor misunderstanding, Sluggo finds himself the proud owner of a teapot poodle.

Snow - Street art by David Zinn

David Zinn proves he’s a master of sidewalk art with these funny and imaginative chalk drawings. [via ian brooks] You may also like: Retro Travel Posters for Films Coloring Pages for Grown-Ups Pics)

Catsitting Mediumfar Lores || David Zinn || Ann Arbor summer festival installations || 2012-2014

David Zinn - With Sluggo at Ann Arbor Summer Festival: Top of the Park.

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