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Eco not Ego - For the Good of All

The Flūther Transversion is the process by which one experiences an awakening to the reality of animal suffering and embraces animal rights. - This article is amazing and talks about the transformation most people encounter, when becoming vegan.

You can make a difference

Going 1 year without paper saves trees. Going 1 year without beef saves trees. (And don't forget how much water going without beef saves, too!

Eco. Being mindful of how your choices effect the environment. #Cowspiracy #FriendsNotFood

Be on the Eco side not the Ego side of life, protect, love and defend your planet, recycling products, substaining where we can.

Switch to a #crueltyfree houshold! It's easy! 5 best common brands that don't test on animals.

Switching to Cruelty-Free Cleaning Products

Switch to a cruelty-free houshold! 5 best common brands that don't test on animals.

Liberate ALL

vegan-veins: “ New design drawn by the amazing veganmisanthrope! By early next week I will have them available for sale! SO EXCITED ”

Relish Small Pleasures: Diving Horses

The diving horses performed at Atlantic City’s Steel Pier in the and The horse would jump into a tank of water, typically with a young woman riding on its back. Love this so much! Fav all time movie- wild hearts can't be broken!

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camillanarea: “ Live with compassion. Don’t hurt any of them. (A very late Inktober Day ”

Not really vegan but high lactose intolerence here... Me almost every day!

(The meat industry IS the dairy industry…) Reading ingredient lists is eye-opening!