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Komplett pannkaksmix. Innehåller: Vetemjöl, skummjölkspulver, heläggspulver, socker, salt, bakpulver

Komplett pannkaksmix. Innehåller: Vetemjöl, skummjölkspulver, heläggspulver, socker, salt, bakpulver

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22 Absolutely Essential Diagrams You Need For Camping

Top 10 Tent Tips for Happy Camping: Have you ever woken up to a soggy tent or struggled with stubborn stakes? Read our infographic and learn 10 tent tips for happy camping!

Hammock pattern from DIYGear supply. They sell all the fabric and cord needed.

The hammock pictured on the home page of this site was made with these instructions, and uses the sewn on bugnet design shown in the bug net DIY guides. Double layer hammocks have at least four adv…

Hammock Suspension | DIY Gear Supply

DIY Backwoods Daydreamer Hammock Suspension (Whoopie Slings Tree Straps) Life is a Hammock

Hike of the month: 12-mile Slickrock trail called 'best wilderness experience in Southeast' - News Sentinel Story

Map of the Joyce Kilmer- Slickrock Wilderness area trail taken by Morgan Simmons and Adam Brimer. (Don Wood/News Sentinel)

Camp Certification:  Fire up a tin can for some summer cooking fun.  A variant is a roll of toilet paper in a tobacco can imbibed with lighter fuel.

How to create a "Buddy Burner" as a heat source for a tin can stove -- can be used for emergencies or for some summer cooking fun.

Image result for paracord hanging chair

Image result for paracord hanging chair

Three Layer Underquilt with Insultex as the insulation.

Insultex Underquilt Insultex is an incredibly thin, micro-porous, closed cell foam. While it does not compress, it is so thin and light that the pack size is only slightly larger than down (when co…

Here is a lot of good ideas of many of the wonderful uses of paracord!

Welcome to our Paracord Video Tutorials Page! Learn many different paracord bracelets, keychains, wraps, and other DIY paracord projects!

Campfire Pineapple Upside-Down Cake

You can eat this right out of the foil and it's yummy. Some of our friends like them so well they fix them at home in the oven when they want an evening snack.

how to hang a camping hammock properly

Illustration with directions to determine the ideal angle to hang your hammock and reduce the stress on the hammock suspension and hammock fabric.

Awesome site about all things outdoor cooking, including how to make very inexpensive camp stoves.

My homemade backpacking stoves are light-weight and fuel efficient. I use an alcohol stove and candle stove at the same time.

How to make Amadou fungus tinder

Shark-Tinderbox fire lighting courses, knife sharpening courses, Online camping equipment, bushcraft and survival kit store.

hammock campinh | any hammock stuff in the pockets seals the sides against the hammock ...

There is not much worse than being bled dry overnight by the mosquitoes and black flies. Here we have some great Bug netting solutions for hammock camping that will help keep those nasty biters outside.