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Prey speedrunner sets sub-seven minute world record: Arkane Studio's Prey is a sci-fi masterpiece. It's an open-ended game that encourages…

January Cover Revealed – Prey - News - www.GameInformer.com

We've got the latest info on Arkane Studios' bold new sci-fi vision.

Prey gets a soonish release date and a new trailer: The stories behind some games are just crazy. What began life as a direct sequel to…

The Prey reboot is finally coming out tomorrow and the full list of Trophies for the game have been published by the folks at Exophase. The game has a total of 49 Trophies with a good mix of Gold, …

This Prey footage brings back memories of Geist: Even after that last round details from QuakeCon, I'm feeling a little hazy on what…

Even after that last round details from QuakeCon, I'm feeling a little hazy on what exactly Prey will be like (or maybe -- well, probably -- I'm still just coming to terms with its deviation from the original Prey and also the dropped boun.

Prey_Article_Dashboard_PlayingWithPowers_619x499.png (619×499)

Prey_Article_Dashboard_PlayingWithPowers_619x499.png (619×499)

Prey_KineticBlast_730x411.png (730×411)

It's possible to complete Prey without using a single one of the Typhon's alien powers. But you'd be missing out on these handy power combos.

#gaming #videos  Win a PS4 Pro, 4K HDR TV and a Copy of Prey | eBargainsToday.com

With the release of Prey finally upon us, we give you a quick look at what the game could look like on higher end PCs in with all graphic settings completely maxed out.

PREY : une vidéo qui présente les armes et pouvoirs du héros Bethesda Softworks nous dévoile une nouvelle vidéo consacrée à PREY. Après nous avoir dévoilé Morgan Yu, le héros du jeu, le studio nous pr... http://www.jeuxactu.com/prey-un-trailer-qui-presente-les-armes-et-pouvoirs-du-heros-108685.htm Check more at http://www.jeuxactu.com/prey-un-trailer-qui-presente-les-armes-et-pouvoirs-du-heros-108685.htm

Input latency fix believed to be the root of the issue

Prey 2 Cancelled? Yes, Bethesda has officially come out and confirmed that development on the sequel has bee nkilled.

Prey 2 Cancelled: Bethesda Finally Pulls The Plug On The Oft-Delayed Sequel

По жести / Арт и Музыка

Don't miss our selection of artworks made by Jonas De Ro, a belgian artists currently concept artist at MPC

One Of The Best Pro DOTA 2 Matches In Years

One Of The Best Pro DOTA 2 Matches In Years

Coral was a monumental task because it had to permeate most levels and it also had to progressively "grow" throughout the game. To make matter worse is that it also had to be cheap as possible which proved rather difficult given that the design