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A pack of a large, prehistoric, pig-like animals called Entelodons

Thylacoleo carnifex by RomanYevseyev.deviantart.com on @deviantART

Quick Thylacoleo Facts: - Lived during the Pleistocene through the Modern Period - Was as long a leopard - Weighed as much as a cougar - Was a carnivore - Had a strong tail - Lived all over Australia

Emiliano Troco Sivatherium

Sivatherium, Emiliano Troco He strode through the field, back to the waning sun, the tall grass cracking under his hooves. The evening sky ached in washed-out light and shadows leaked from the edges.

Whalevolution: A Brief History of Whale Evolution

Whalevolution: A Brief History of Whale Evolution

Zdenek   Burian

Radio Prague - Zdenek Burian - illustrator and painter of .