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Lay | Cosmopolitan August Issue '16

EXO’s Lay gives ‘Fantasy Football’ a whole new meaning in China’s ‘Cosmopolitan’ + making film!

It's a living statue

No biggie. Just my man mustering me with his godly looks



When the directors were about to cast Yixing in Go Fighting

Precious baby Lay When they were casting Yixing on Go Fighting

Ça sera la suite de Réaction EXO alors vous pouvez encore m'envoyer d… #aléatoire # Aléatoire # amreading # books # wattpad

Réaction EXO N°2

Why doesn't anybody ever talk about how yixing is just as much of a 5 year old as tao or minnie kyungsoo at times? xD omg I love you Lay

yixing applauding himself and just being a cutie. Exo 90:2014 ep2. He looks so innocent and cute in this ep. :')

yixing applauding himself and just being a cutie Lay

"Existe un proverbio chino que dice....PENETRAME CONCHETUMARE" xddd ff ql❤

I swear I love Lay and his speeches so god damn much

I want to do this omg and I would scream "OPPAAA" and cry in every language


exo yixing hehehehehehe chanyeol chanlay plgifs zhangyi parkchan i'm so sorry xing queue-tips The Lost Planet he found out it was yeol hehe i saw this in another vid but lq he was about to enjoy the moment hehehehehehehehehehehe

Lay & Chanyeol ♥ lays reaction omg he's one of the most precious little human bean ever

Excuse me mr, what is that lip biting for

EXO Reactions ♡

L-Lay. I wont go.*looks away* *glances at sexy Lay* *looks away again* humph! *pouty face* *glances once more* FINE! *tackles Lay* -------- my crazy imagination kekeke ♡♡♡