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Italian artist Federico Bebber creates these stunning dark & moody female portraits through a creative digital manipulation process, intertwined with smoke


Chapter It starts snowing and Scout and Jem make a snowman that looks like Mr. Miss Maudie's house catches fire and while Scout and Jem are waiting down the street outside Radley's house Boo puts a blanket around her without her knowing.

Shape by Quentin Arnaud - Great examples of rim lighting

la forme des visages

Shape by Quentin Arnaud - Great examples of rim lighting. Bump up the ambient just a tad so the face isn't completely lost? play with reflectors to get a half lit nose/lips and some catch in the eyes? try with eyes closed as well.

La verte vallée ... - Page 37

Great visual meditation aid for stress/anger (Sphere and Energy by luisbc)

The Crow - saatchi

Sometimes you find people on the road; (On the Road to Perilous, tar and varnish on canvas, 60 x John Sokol)

"Dark Statue with 3d-Tantacles  - photoshop tutorials" gefunden auf www.lava360.com gepinned von der Werbeagentur BlickeDeeler aus Hamburg. Ihr möchtet mehr über uns erfahren? www.BlickeDeeler.de

Make a Dark Statue with Tentacles Photo Manipulation In Photoshop. The Shadow Man in my dreams

Brooke Shaden - What Moves Us

Lost Princess – 24 photos envoûtantes de Brooke Shaden

What move us - Los Angeles, CA based photographer Brooke Shaden created amazing work with her imagination as well as her camera and Photoshop. Using painterly techniques, she created art that blurs the lines between dreams and reality.