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Yeah you but into my conversation and I don't want to talk to you see ya don't want to see you this is very true

given the right person to have a conversation with, i can go three hours.give me the wrong person and i aint talking, period.

For me this is sooo not true!!!! my ex-best friend CAN NOT take a DAMN joke!!!!!

I am a Gemini and I like to joke and laugh - sooo true ! you will have a hard time talking to a Gemini if you can't take a joke and true about not needing to "sugar coat" anything - Merle B

Fun facts about your sign here. Horoscope // Gemini: don't play with their emotions because yes, they (we) do feel things, even if they don't show it

FAQ What are the specific birthstones for Gemini? – Gemini Birthstone are Safire and aquamarine What are Aries birthstone colors? The Gemini sign is governed by Mercury which gives Geminis a dynami…