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Art Inspired / Common Drawing Mistakes and Suggestions (Glad I found this because I suck at drawing trees!

Draw a Lily

Thank you for your flowers suggestions and support ope the tutorials help ! 132 - How to draw and paint Lily

Art Inspired / Common Drawing Mistakes and Suggestions

Artist's Complete Problem and Solution Handbook by Trudy Friend: Drawing Trees

How to Draw Leaves on a Tree – Pen Drawing Tutorial, Image 1  'Leaf Work – Tree Foliage'  I have come to the part of the drawing that is considered by some to be the most difficult when drawing trees. The leaf work can be broken down into steps just as the tree trunk itself. You will need to look at the leaf clumps and observe how the light reflects on them and then note the individual leaves as to how each one interacts with the other.

Drawing Trees - example of foreground leaf drawing

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How to Draw Fish Studies , Drawing Fish Sketches , How to Draw Animals, Animal Drawing Sketching

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How to draw a tree step by step. These tips are for graphite, but work equally well with colored pencil.