pansies...cant wait to get mine planted.. they make me so happy during the long winter!

If these are tiny blossoms, they could be Johnny Jump Ups, which will spread profusely!

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Ruffle edge Pansies, come in many colours. This blue is just lovely. Wonderful in the garden bed or in pots to bring cheer to Spring. Feed them up and they will flower for many months.

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Melody Parfumée™ Grandiflora Rose produces clusters of fragrant flowers in purple, deep plum and lavender hues.


RHS old seed: Hypericum (St John's Wort) Great shade plant. Moderately fertile mbwd soil in sun or partial shade. Sow seed in a cold frame in autumn. Very tough plant, good for dry clay. Grows into a small shrub


Woke up this morning after having the most vivid dream that I need to get a pansy tattoo for my Grandma Ivy. I'm thinking it has to have her cancer ribbon in there too.

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