Zebra foal.

Also known as the common zebra, plains zebras are the most common and widespread species of zebra—even appearing on the coat of arms of Botswana.

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This is a rainbow horse. I mean this is a rainbow zebra. I like any type of zebra. Including this one. Do you see the colors on his face? The blue on his coat is dark blue.

Carota si bastone no

Observing the animals at Bali Safari and Marine Park also taugh you the importance of conserving these endangered species. Photo by Bali Safari & Marine Park.

Beautiful Zebras

These zebras are stunning. By Sally Maxwell - Scratchboard Artist.


black and white

We couldn't finish the week without sharing nature's most perfect black and white. The zebra's background color is black, and the white stripes and bellies are additions. Each striping pattern is unique to each individual zebra.


The Grevy's zebra or Imperial zebra lives in Ethiopia, Somalia and Kenya. - photo by Steve Garvie

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Ꮥaʄaɽ¡ Ąɗvҽŋʈųɽҽʂ ¡ŋ Ąʄɽ¡ƈa

Zebra by Chad Cocking | Amazing Pictures

Zebras rub up against one another in the last light of the day at Motswari Private Game Reserve, Timbavati, South Africa ~ by Chad Cocking


Zebras at Motswari Private Game Reserve, Timbavati, Greater Kruger Park, South…