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Fire Elsa by on DeviantArt

Like this swirling storm inside.

Like this swirling storm inside. << *starts randomly singing* couldnt keep it in heaven knows i triiiieeedd (i could "sing" the whole thing but i wud run out of room and too lazy)

Frozen Elsa

Elsa- frozen I want my hair to look like that

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Elsa the Snow Queen/Gallery - Disney Wiki

Elsa the Snow Queen/Gallery

Awkwardly excited for the Nordic Disney cartoon coming out Thanksgiving, FROZEN

Love it!

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Teenage Elsa

Elsa's hair part 2

gorgeous, flawless, stunning Elsa

The queen, Elsa.

Little Elsa

This is Eli she is 4 years old and loves to play with her dog sparkles plz adopt she is waiting

Just realized how pretty Elsa is! I nominate her prettiest disney princess (queen)

Elsa's take on the sad puppy dog face. Man, my friend does the puppy dog face expertly, no kidding!

Elsa does a cute sad face. Just sayin'.

She is so scared

Guys I have never understood her powers. She is able to let Frozen water leave her body and she doesn't even get dehydrated. It's just so weird to me.

Most Powerful Queen ever

Look st that smirk


Give her a minute and she will bust out of those like a ninja!

Elsa & Anna

Anna and Elsa from Disney's Frozen. So excited to see this with Alayna :)

Disney Frozen Elsa with mountain

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