I died. hahaha

I'm dying oh my gosh hahahaha xD ~ Attack on Titan Shingeki no kyojin Reiner titan funny anime manga stuff

Such beautiful quote, but why they have to die so tragically. Poor Levi, why his squad, why Petra...

The feels. I cried when Petra died, basically when the Levi squad died, IM GETTING TEARY EYED I GTG Also when characters that usually show no emotion SHOW emotion, you know the pain they are feeling HURTS

I don't ship it but I'M DYING XDDDDD

((Hanji does impressions of various people in Attack on Titan. Levi spits his tea out when she does Commander Handsome.)) << I spit my tea out too when she did Erwin. << I am literally crying.

I died

Sibling love // So that's how they found them // Just step aside and leave it to Mikasa XD

I would die of adorableness! Literally! You can't even fathom the heart of gold these two men have! You can't!! I can't!!

You can't even fathom the heart of gold these two men have!<<to bad for one it's only half gold.

Koro sensei died Kaneki was tortured Ciel lost his family in a fire i  think Eren was given the Titan serum  and

Feeeeeeeeels x 2000 - black butler, assassination classroom, attack on titan, tokyo ghoul