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triple black

Bald cap with horns on feminine face makes an unusual change- more contemporary. I like the contrast of black and white. Black horns = effective against pale skin.

Banque d'Image Collective Avataresque

Awesome Digital Art by PO-WEN. Really cool inspiration for one of my monsters in my board game.

Art by Dan dos Santos Muddy Colors: Touch of the Demon (alternate)

-By Dan dos Santos Here's a piece I did a short while back for the novel 'Touch of the Demon', by Diana Rowland.

ArtStation - DarkSorceress SneakPeek, Alberto Casu

A Sneakpeek at what I'm currently working on, pretty much done with the modelling and groom part i will take a break and then start shortly the texturing, lookdev and skinShading phase. Comments and critiques are very welcome at this stage :] Sculpted

Les fabuleuses illustrations de Brenoch Adams

Brenoch Adams- Zombie wielding a torch and large spiked weapon. Accompanied by black birds.

bardiche - Google Search

The study of differing behaviors leads us to better understand ourselves, and the motives by which our society has developed, and where such natural explorations of the evolutionary process have created less desirable patterns.

Virginie Ropars calls her dolls fairies… but they seems aliens to me. Beautiful nevertheless.

f Tiefling portrait sorcerer wizard warlock

Qop by wei-zi female elf tiefling demon devil vampire vampyre witch armor clothes clothing fashion player character npc


Anubis is Egyptian deity with a DOG head and human body. He is also known as GOD/DOG. He is the guide to the underworld. Annubis was one of many GODs.