Doomtown: Soul Blast by on @DeviantArt

I did this illustration for the card game Doomtown: Reloaded, this the promo version of the card for OP kit : Soul Blast (© Alderac Entertainm.

Sci-fi Cowboy Concept Sketches by trevorcorbin on DeviantArt

Mixed genres: this one seems popular these days. Quick concepts for sci-fi cowboy/bounty hunter characters.

a got a feelin' we just kicked something up the butt and its about to come and bite us

michael whelan_the little sisters of eluria_the gunslinger stood in his dusty boots.

Weird West Zombie by Monkey-Paw on DeviantArt

Here's a character from a Weird West horror game called the Quick and the Dead that I've been lucky enough to work on !