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Awwwwwwww, Percabeth!!

Watermelon chapstick<<<lol then leo comes up behind her and grabs her Chapstick out of her purse and tosses it to percy

Aww, Percy would be a really great dad! Can't wait to see his little sister in ToA! He'd be an awesome big brother too for sure!

So now we describe Annabeth as a crazy warrior lady

your mom is probably gonna kill them all because she's a crazy warrior lady." So I guess annabeth is now a crazy warrior lady 😂

Instagram photo by just_that_dam_fangirl - I'm not sure if I should coo at the cuteness or go ballistic over drew :p . . #percypostsheadcanons #percabeth

Drew or Annabeth would maybe do this to destiny during chaos fanfiction when they don't know who girl is yet, but they do know percy

Aww, I'd stop reading if a guy asked me. Aww, I'd stop reading if PERCY JACKSON asked me.<<<I would some of time if Percy Jackson asked me to


Percassy Jackson (side note: I am looking at Percabeth pictures and I was listening to You & I by one direction)