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Faun stilt blueprint by Ulltotten on deviantART

Faun stilt blueprint by Ulltotten: I think I would still add a small platform for the ball of the foot to rest on, if you're going to LARP in these I would want them to be more comfortable.

Realistic Movement Werewolf/Satyr Digitigrade by ChaosCostumes:

Digi Stilt Frame Pair

Realistic Movement Werewolf/Satyr Digitigrade by ChaosCostumes -- in case you want to get really involved with your Halloween/cosplay planning

Digigrade Leg Design by HekateLesedi

Digigrade Leg Design by HekateLesedi - loads of info on the DA page with blue prints and video links.

New Build Digitigrade Legs 1 by TheCostumeArchive

Here are the completed legs from my most recent digitigrade costume leg build. New Build Digitigrade Legs 3

kindof a tutorial but not really. EDIT: Heres a video that corresponds with what i am talking about! magpieb0nes.tumblr.com/post/14…

Start to finish hooves for satyr find solid rubber wedge heels, cut them to the point right below your ankle shape screen wire over shoe, staple gun down wrap with fibergla.<< Note to self: use if cosplaying D&D character

Google Image Result for http://www.aradanicostumes.com/image/data/elf_ears/ear_sizes_6_23.jpg

Frolick in the woods with the Aradani brand Faun Ears. Aradani, the best elf ears on the planet.