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There's no such thing as being too busy. If you really want something, you'll make time for it.

So true. The things in life most important you make time for. So dedicate life to being healthy, happy and a better person. Also goes for people.

Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going! Jillian Michaels quote

Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going!- one of my all time favorite Jillian quotes!

Just what I needed

No regrets.I know what it feels like to be on a pedestal and I've learned so much about me, & who my real friends are. A better guy will come along when I least expect it. Things will get better. They're getting better day by day.

An uplifting quote to start our week:

Life is like an ocean. It can be calm and still, or rough and rigid, but in the end it's always beautiful.

No one should ever change who they are because that person is the real you! Changing only makes you different

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