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" "Playing a little play station?I love how I can hear this whole scene in my head despite not seeing the episode in ages!

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Ohh, Joey.

I would love to be rich

Because everyone knows that rich people eat gold and have flying ponies.

Title : Ten Types of Friends to Avoid: Description : The company we keep can make or break us. A good group of friend can motivate, cheer you up and make you feel alive.


"You're so great I love you" "What" "Nothing I said nothing" "You said you love me" "No no no I didn't, I said you're so great and then I just stopped talking"

Friends Things We Remember

The episode where Monica got stung by a jellyfish and Chandler had to pee on her foot

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‘The dog’ was actually a present given to Jennifer Aniston from a friend to wish her good luck on her new role.