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He is perfect. Not for looks though, he has the right amount of tattoos, he is silly, he has a beautiful voice, and he likes dirty/penis jokes. They may sound weird coming from a girl but that's what I look for I have to be able to watch step brothers or hall pass and it not be awkward and make stupid sex jokes all day and it always be cute. I wanna marry someone exactly like this.

Just in case you were interested in stopping all blood flow and breathing today

Correo: danna rivera barrera - Outlook

Imagine Pap: "where are you going, Niall?" Niall: " Pick y/n up. We're going to have a candle light dinner.

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I just really love sporty Niall

Why is he so f-ing hot and sexy and cute and adorable and ugh.


My bbys at summertime ball capital fm 2015