1947 Max Factor Lipstick Ad featuring Lucille Ball

Lucille Ball starring in "Lured" for Max Factor Hollywood My ever favourite Lucille!

New Shiny Eye-Liner, only by Max Factor (1967)

New Shiny Eye-Liner, only by Max Factor (1967

Lucille Ball Make-up Advertisement

What's the difference between a "brunette" and a "brownette"? Max factor advert with Lucille Ball (August 1911 – April

Maybelline Vintage Ad

Maybelline Eye Makeup Eyes made to appear larger and more interesting, wonderful brilliance; Maybelline Eye Shadow and Eyebrow Pencil. Published in the February, 1930 issue of PHOTOPLAY. Artist: Source: Charles Perrien Restoration by: Charles Perrien

Lipstick ca. 1920s.

lipstick (tube and box) ~ (vintage lady, roaring Great Gatsby era, cosmetics, makeup)