Colouring Tutorial: PART 2 EYES AND HAIR by on @deviantART

Colouring Tutorial Part 2 Eyes And Hair By Hammichudeviantartcom On Deviantart Character Design Refe

pooptorial_by_kelcake-d57t6cq.png (1000×4000)

Pooptorial by Kelcake

:TUTORIAL: Making of Esalium by on @DeviantArt

:TUTORIAL: Making of Esalium by on @DeviantArt

Coloring Tutorial, pt. 1 by *sandara on deviantart.

my basic coloring tutorial, part 1 of 4 d/l my custom brush [link] Coloring tutorial - 01

Tutorial - How to set pencil like brush in sai by ninjinshiru.devia... on @deviantART

Tutorial - How to set pencil like brush in sai by ~ninjinshiru on deviantART

TUTORIAL: Fur for Dragons by SammyTorres on deviantART

Okay so this is just a basic thing but I hope it'll help you guys out Also, remember to go to my group: dcp-dragoncyclopedia. and become a watcher so you won't miss out the upcomin.

Snarling wolf tutorial by Anuwolf via deviantart.:

Snarling wolf tutorial - how to draw a wolf showing his teeth - head study - drawing reference

Coloring Tutorial part 1 by *kokodriliscus on deviantART

Coloring Tutorial Part 1 By Kokodriliscus On Deviantart Character Design References Izgi Film Find M 2