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Tutorial - Common Digital Painting Mistakes by on deviantART. A great reference that I plan to print out and put on my wall.

Digital Painting Tutorial by =sanguisGelidus on deviantART

Digital Painting Tutorial by =sanguisGelidus on deviantART- I like the idea of adding a seems to speed things up a bit

Traditional lines to digital by ~DarkRedPhantomX on deviantART

To anyone and everyone looking to make a neat project, here's the perfect one! Making miniature books is easy and simple and it leaves you with a n.

Cell-Shading (headshot) Tutorial for SAI by ahoguu on DeviantArt

I made another tutorial but it's far more advanced than this one: New Tutorial ================ A simple (maybe) cell shading tutorial for SA. Cell-Shading (headshot) Tutorial for SAI