Gods otp

Athena says Percabeth is hypothetically getting married! That's basically getting married for real!

I love this headcanon

THIS is the best pin ever! But I don't think the annabeth and Jason thing isn't completely true, cuz in the lost hero they talked, but if it happened it would be a little awkward~~~ Percy would either be watching Find Nemo/Dory or The Little Mermaid lol

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Percabeth xD I habe a feeling that Poseidon would be an awesome father to have, just because he most likely would do hilarious things like this.

Best Percabeth moment ever! There are some head canons that are stupid, but I totally see this happening.

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Nico and his "Protecting Squad" scaring the hell out of Percy, this headcanon is…

And yet she's the most valuable asset on the Argo II. The gods are more powerful than any of the others, but Athena's wisdom combined with human instinct makes Annabeth the most powerful force in Creation.

Don't worry Annabeth if it weren't for daughter of Athena's like us then all these fools would always get into dangerous situations instead of carefully analyzing them first